our unusual february thunderstorm

 here in nebraska we are use to thunderstorms.
you know...
strong winds,
and tornadoes.

NOT in february.

usually these type of storms don't happen until

this is what we experienced yesterday.

this is hail...not snow.

 a second storm coming...
it went just south of us. but i got a call from my mom
saying it was hailing there again.

the clouds did make for pretty pictures though

this storm produced the first tornado ever in february.
it happened maybe 50 miles from here.

just a reminder of the awesome power  that can
come out of no where.

we did have a little snow during the night.

as we say in nebraska...
if you don't like the weather,
wait a few hours.


trying again

i remember back in college
taking a pottery class.
though i loved the thought of it,
my hands couldn't make what i wanted.
could not get the clay centered on the wheel.
i never did seem to get the whole score and slip thing down.
my pieces would fall apart in the kiln.
i would look at another with envy,
her fairy was so life-like.
seems to me that 'she' could of winked at me
and i wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
her wings so delicate.
her face just on the verge of a smile.
'she' was gorgeous.
the maker humbled.
now years later i am taking an e-course.
one assignment-if we wanted to,
was to make a santos cage doll.
taught by jennifer rizzo
i was thinking 'no way'
don't need to be going down that road again.
but after watching the video...
i had a feeling...thoughts in my head
'go, give it try...what do you have to lose.'
so i did.
the history of santos dolls can be found here
i have learned that though i failed once...doesn't mean
that i shouldn't try again.
it could be fun the second time around.
or the third.
or even the twentieth