in between

...holiday open houses. i had one last weekend at the store my wares are at. i have another one next saturday. so i have been spending all my time here.
here are a few things that i have created for the open houses.

in the mean while...emma has to get glasses. these are the ones that she chose.
she should get them after thanksgiving.
she is a little excited.
any who...i will hopefully get to all of your blogs.
i miss checking out every ones crafting creations.
tomorrow i am taking miss emma and a friend to disney on ice.
the princess stories.
should be fun.
have a wonderful weekend.
God bless


a thank you and a redone lamp shade

first of all, i want to say thank you to all those thoughts and prayers sent our way. it was a rough week. However, I thank God, that He gave my uncle strength in the form of family and friends. He told me at the funeral that God doesn't give us any more than we can handle. Just a deep faith.

This is the first time that i am joining kimba at a soft place to land for her diy tuesday.

i am a little nervous...hopefully i do this right.

i found this lamp shade last summer. at the time i didn't know where i was going to use it. but i loved the shape.

i started out by taking all the fabric and trim off. i then spray painted the frame with black paint...

i found a grain sack that i bought several months ago....

i love the texture and color of grain sacks...

anyway, i just cut the grain sack in half lengthwise and sewed the pieces together to make a long narrow piece. i wrapped the grain sack around the form and used clothes pins to hold it. then i took pins and started to pin pleats where ever there was a wire.

sew all the pleats....

i was going to cut off the top...the extra fabric. but when i started to stitch the cover on, i loved the way it fell over to form a little flounce. be sure to sew on some ribbons or such to tie the cover shut.

luckily for me, my hubby still had some overheard lighting that you plug in. just slipped my light shade on, and hang. i had some chandelier crystals that i hung from the bottom. i still plan on using some vintage millinery and lace to dress up the bottom.

thanks for coming and be sure to check out all the other diy projects.

God bless



i wasn't going to post this, but my uncle, and my cousins needs all the prayers they can get. he lost his wife earlier this week unexpectedly. she was only 53. we are all in shock. i will be gone the rest of the week to spend time with my family. God bless.