our love story

a story about my husband,
our daughter,
and how God is in control.


a new bread recipe

 in my opinion...
there is nothing more homey

than the smell of fresh bread baking.

  i found this recipe on pinterest.

i just changed it by using 1 cup of better for bread flour,
instead of using all whole wheat flour.

the first time i made it...the bread was pretty dense.

and i like my bread a bit more fluffy.
can you have fluffy bread?


this recipe was easy peasy.
and smelled sooo good!
plus wasn't a bad addition to potato soup!

today i am thankful for-
~a wonderful surprise this morning
~my daughter's sense of humor.  she can make me laugh so hard that i have tears running down my checks
~herbs and spices
~laughter with my husband


from beginning to end

 good morning friends!
i want to thank all my new followers and the 
sweet comments you have left on the last few posts!

i truly appreciate all of you!
i want to make it over to all of your blogs...
maybe since it is only 5 out this morning,
today will be a good day for that! 

i have had a few people ask me about my process
of my paintings here and
on my facebook page.

so today i thought i would share one of my paintings.
i have a few different styles and  this is just one...

this one i am doing on 100% cotton 140 lb water color paper.
first i draw out the scene... 
i just use a 4b pencil.

i then started to add some vintage papers...
i love using vintage wallpaper, music sheets, dictionary pages, etc.
i do find a lot of these at thrift stores.

next i add color to the background.
i use golden fluid acrylics, pan pastels, and soft pastels.

 just keep building color on the background using acrylics.
for the face i use shiva oil paintstiks.
love how smooth they are...so much easier to use than regular oils...
in my opinion anyway!

for the details i use a white gel pen to doodle around the face
and other places....like the halo here.

i use a black and white stabilo pencil to do the scene ...
this pencil will write on anything.
and it is water soluble so i can add a wet brush to 
it to make it look like a watercolor.

and here is the finished painting.

if any of you have more questions...please ask!
i will try to get them answered.

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i hope you do!
hope everyone has a great weekend!