some thrifty finds

welcome everyone! i am joining thrifty mondays at southern hospitality. you can pop over there and see what everyone has found for a wonderful low price.
around here there aren't too many flea markets, but during labor day weekend there has always been a pretty large one about an hour away. i was really looking forward to going but was a little disappointed. the numbers of vendors were down...about half. i did find a few things but had better luck at goodwill and my favorite thrift store.
i found some more additions to my milk glass collection. about 50 cents each. i love using these for candles. they are my 'fireplace' since i don't have one. i will have to show you later what they look like when lit.
at goodwill i found these! for $3 each! and they are huge...about 3 feet. i was so excited...i know they are not everyone's taste, but that is ok. i think i will be painting them black and hanging them by our pantry. mr. farmer is so excited...*wink* here is some more inspiration for these extra large utensils here. dessert must have been on my mind saturday! found two sets of sherbert cups, milk glass and those dark green ones. we are going to be adding shelving to our pantry this fall and wanted old mason jars to fill up. found all 12 for $30. the frame i found is for a project that i will show you later.

and finally this cute vintage plates.
thanks for visiting and hope you can come again!
God bless and have a wonderful labor day.


May the Lord bless his land
with precious dew from heaven above.
Deuteronomy 33:13


feathering my nest---fall style

happy fall y'all!

it's fall nesting week at the inspired room. if you haven't visited melissa, i suggest you pop over there. but i warn you. you maybe visiting her for quite a while. i look forward to seeing what everyone else has done for the harvest season.
i love fall, so it is probably the season i decorate for the most. i wanted to share with you my dining room. i had forgotten about the harvest banner that i made last fall...so that was the first thing up. the painting is one that i had found at a flea market and snatched it up as fast as i could. i love the haying season. maybe it is because i am married to a farmer. maybe it is because it smells so good. but i loved the barn, the colors, the scene of the whole family helping on the farm. plus it was $3.00. i added some of my dried hydrangeas, some found feathers and some wheat.

in this corner, i put some sunflowers in a nail keg that i have had for years.

i found this wooden dough bowl at at antique store for $2.50, then added some decorative acorns that i found at target last year. the antler was a shed that mr. farmer found in his pasture a few years back.....i claimed it as my own. to decorate with. i don't think he is real pleased!

so here is the whole room. thanks for stopping by!