chasing light

at the beginning of the year, i chose
'be a light' for my word.
i wasn't really sure what that meant for my life until this moment.
i'm sure we all have heard that child song,
'this little light of mine, i'm gonna let it shine'
the phrase,
'hide it under a bushel. no!'
really has been speaking to me lately.
you see.  i have been hiding under a bushel for the most part of this year.
dealing with situations i never thought we would be dealing with.
i could feel the darkness all around me.
i couldn't see the light at the end,
or even around me.
i could only spend time
protecting what really mattered the most.
my marriage, my child, my relationship with God.
the rest just fell away.
i hid.
as i look back on my life, i have been chasing light.
it's light that comes with darkness that really has captivated my soul.
it demands my attention.
the sun breaking through fog.
the stars and the milky way on a moonless night.
the lightening during storms.
and the light after storms.
but i have come to realize that the light in me, the light of God, is the only light
i need.
and maybe what others need as well.
we have all been in a place of darkness, but if you let God in
and replace that darkness with His light,
you will shine.
you will become beautiful, captivating to others around you. 
and they will wonder what it is that you have.
they will want it as well.
and you can tell them.
this is what i have been working on lately.
i have packed most of my art supplies away but had to keep out my clay.

i call her oralee.  it means my light.
or more specificity lord is my light. 
i can't wait to finish her.
Everlasting Light - Shine BraceletEverlasting Light - Wooden Candlestick Holders, Set of 3
each piece spoke to me, but i love the bracelet.  it's something that i could wear
each and everyday to remind me.  that i have a light to shine.

 and please go here to read more about being a light.
such encouragement.
ephesians 5:8
for you were once darkness, but know you are the light in the Lord.
live as children of the light