yep, i live here

i want to thank everyone that has stop by to say hello.
sure helps me out.
well, i do live on a farm 20 minutes from town.
i can go a few days without seeing anyone but mr. farmer and
our daughter.
things can get a bit lonely here.
especially during the winter.

i have had several people comment on my header picture.
and i want to say thank you and answer some questions.
first, yes, this is my barn.
it is covered with metal siding, but
the wood underneath is original.
i would love to tear it off and fix the wood underneath.
and paint it red.
somehow, i don't think mr. farmer would agree!
the barn is what i see while doing dishes.
and second. yes, i did. i took this photo.
thanks so much for your compliments on it.
it means alot.

i thought i would share some of my favorite pictures from our place.
hope you enjoy them!

an lastly, another view of the clouds in my header picture.

thanks for stopping by for a visit and i hope you all will come back.
if you have been here and i haven't been to visit you, just know that i will.
i like to get to know those of you who take the time to stop.
it is just taking me awhile to say hi to everyone.
until i see you again.
God bless


spring is slowly creeping in

i have finally started to decorate for spring.
my inspiration is...well, nature.
i am using things that my daughter and i collected on our 'nature hikes'-as she calls them.
things like
bird eggs,
bird nests,
and dried pods.

i also used this altered canvas that i created last fall.
while it is not spring themed i thought the colors went well.
just more white and creme that i can add!

here is a close up of the bird eggs that we find all spring and summer long.

the nest is really deep so i can really fill it up with all sorts of eggs.

i know the robin eggs, but i am not sure what the other eggs are.

here is a little apothecary jar i planted some baby tears in.

i wish my camera was a better one, i have moss growing in the jar too.

looks like miniature ferns.

but, alas, my camera doesn't do good on close ups.

may have to talk my hubby into getting me a better camera!

hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

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the shabby nest-frugal friday


white wednesday

welcome everyone to white wednesday! glad you could stop by.
i have fallen in love with all the white and cream that others are using in there home. it just seems so relaxing and calming.
me, however
didn't use to like white.
not even as an accent.
but now.
living with some much color and a need for some calm in my life,
decided to pull some white in my home.

i don't have much, but i am finding more to use.
and i love it! i even painted my kitchen cabinets to lighten things up.
plus a little distressing can't be wrong.

be sure to check out others who love white at faded charm.
i know that i will, to get some great inspiration.

hope everyone has a great day.

oh one more thing .
thank you to cindy at cottage instincts for featuring me as having serious cottage instincts at
her blog party, 'make it for monday'.


give us this day...

our daily bread.
it is back to being cloudy and foggy for the past 4 days.
though i do miss the sunshine there is one thing i love about days like this.
making bread.
there is something about filling up your home with the smells of fresh bread.
it smells warm and toasty.
perfect for winter days.
when i , or my daughter.want a piece of bread quickly, i make this.
but, when i have a little bit more time i make
english muffin bread.
the problem is you don't kneed this bread.
which i guess for some people that would be a big plus.
but i find kneeding dough to be relaxing.
but not this bread.
because the dough looks like this.
english muffin bread-makes two loaves
2 1/2 cups milk
1 cup water
2 heaping tablespoons cornmeal
5 1/2 cups bread flour- you may need more
1 tablespoon sugar
2 packages active dry yeast
2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoons soda
warm milk and water until very warm (125). grease 2 bread pans and coat with cornmeal. mix together 3 cups flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and soda. stir milk and water in flour mixture. stir in remaining flour, one cup at a time until a loose batter is formed. (it is almost like a cake batter).
spoon batter into pans, cover and let rise in a warm place until double. about 45 minutes. bake at 400 for 25 minutes, until golden brown. remove from pan immediately and cool.

please don't mind the big hole. it still taste good.
wonderful for grilled cheese and cinnamon-sugar on toast.
hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


how i will be spending my mornings

this is where i will be spending my mornings for the next couple months.
i joined my first bible study a couple weeks ago.
and there is homework.
i haven't had homework since collage.
which was awhile ago.
but i have to say that i really enjoy it.
so much so, that i don't want to quit.
we are studying esther~it's tough being a woman-- by beth moore.
i was told when i joined, that beth has us do homework for 5 days a week.
but i decided that this was important.
more important than housework.

so before i do the morning dishes,
before i do bills,
before i do laundry,
this is what i do.
i get together with my Lord.
after emma leaves for school and mr. farmer leaves for work.
no music, no tv, no voices but mine and my God's.
what a wonderful way to start the day.
so do you have a special ritual in the mornings?
i would love to hear about it.


praise the Lord, the sun is shining!

it has been such a foggy and cloudy winter.
as i am sure most of you have experienced.
i am getting spring fever really bad, but unfortunately i won't be able to dig in the dirt any time soon.
so, instead i decided to make my own roses to display until i can get some planted.
i just took a couple of doilies, folded them in half.
take the bigger of the two, roll it up.

then take the smaller one and roll it up with the bigger one.
add a sprig of velvet leaves and keep it together with a rubber band.
then fluff.
they may not be real,
or red.
but i sure like how they look.
perfect with my dried hydrangeas from last season.

i hope the sun decides to stay out a little longer than it has.

we have only been getting a few hours a week.

now, i know i won't be moving up to the northwest any time soon.

i am linking to twice remembered - make your monday

and to cottage instincts-make it for monday.

and a soft place to land - diy day

i hope to get back to blogging on a somewhat of a regular bases this week. i think the cloudy days have gotten the best of me lately.

i have so much more energy today with the sun rays....

or maybe it is just my coffee.

until next time...


a month of a kitchen redo

we have been wanting to remodel our kitchen since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. well for christmas, mr. farmer said that a kitchen remodel would be my present.
so for the last month we have been
and figuring out
just want we wanted.
our home is a 1930's sears kit home.
unfortunately, the previous owners took out the character
and added 70's character.
we (ok, me) have been wanting to add the 30's back in.
this is the old view of the wall by the pantry. we decided to switch the refrig and this cabinet around to offer a more open layout. (you can see the view of the kitchen as you entered down below. it was blocked by a huge black refrig)
we tore off the old paneling...
i was hoping to expose the brick chimney.
but they had plastered over it.
oh well.
we have instead some 'great' wallpaper.
here is the old view going into the kitchen.
nice black box huh?

this is the new view.
some nice shelves instead.
we just finished covering the wallpaper wall last night. but my cameras battery died, otherwise i would show you pictures.
what we found was some 100 year old wood that my father-in-law had from the old house they tore dawn 30 years ago.
pretty sure it is oak. but not positive.
i would like to find more to cover some other walls in the house.

would should be getting our new countertop in a week of so.
i am so excited!

we found a farmers sink and a wall mounted facuet. i will be posting pictures as we get more work done.
i can't wait to check to see what you all have been up too. i have missed blogging.

have a great day!


a very white wednesday

i love following white wednesdays. it was started by faded charm cottage.
i think .
if it wasn't please let me know so i can change it.
so anyways, i thought i would show you my white photos.
this last week has been a whirlwind.
not only with all the celebrations that were made up because of the snow at christmas, but now we are having another. looks like a lot of you probably are too.
so that is why i decided to show you are whites that mother nature gave us.

i hope this finds everyone safe and warm.
it is supposed to be only -2 tomorrow.
that is the high.
as in during the day.
not the night low.