a very white wednesday

i love following white wednesdays. it was started by faded charm cottage.
i think .
if it wasn't please let me know so i can change it.
so anyways, i thought i would show you my white photos.
this last week has been a whirlwind.
not only with all the celebrations that were made up because of the snow at christmas, but now we are having another. looks like a lot of you probably are too.
so that is why i decided to show you are whites that mother nature gave us.

i hope this finds everyone safe and warm.
it is supposed to be only -2 tomorrow.
that is the high.
as in during the day.
not the night low.


June said...

HI Alissa, Thank you so much for coming by. We had that frigid cold here in Idaho around the first of December, which was very early for us, and it is so hard for me to take. At least the snow is beautiful there though. It looks like you have had some wind and drifting too.
I do love your white Wednesday post and white Wednesday was actually started by fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com
I'm so glad you joined in today.

Jennifer said...

Now this is FUN! Thanks for a positive view on winter! Jennifer