how i will be spending my mornings

this is where i will be spending my mornings for the next couple months.
i joined my first bible study a couple weeks ago.
and there is homework.
i haven't had homework since collage.
which was awhile ago.
but i have to say that i really enjoy it.
so much so, that i don't want to quit.
we are studying esther~it's tough being a woman-- by beth moore.
i was told when i joined, that beth has us do homework for 5 days a week.
but i decided that this was important.
more important than housework.

so before i do the morning dishes,
before i do bills,
before i do laundry,
this is what i do.
i get together with my Lord.
after emma leaves for school and mr. farmer leaves for work.
no music, no tv, no voices but mine and my God's.
what a wonderful way to start the day.
so do you have a special ritual in the mornings?
i would love to hear about it.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...


You'll never regret it . . God will give you more time in your day to do what you need to do, literally. I spend the first part of my day in faith, the word and what a difference it has made in my life. Good for you, what a good choice you made.
God Bless You!

Charlene said...

I find the "secret" for me is one that you mentioned--leaving the television OFF. The computer, too. Too many distractions that keep me from doing the things I need to do--like feed my spirit.

I love Beth Moore, I've never done one her studies, but I've read some of her books, I'm sure you will not only enjoy it, but learn a lot and be blessed in it.

Charlene said...
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