Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!
the treats are made and package, the gifts wrapped, and the Christmas music playing. the only thing missing is family. we have had to postpone our get-togethers..
because of this....

we are having a blizzard.
this will be the most relaxing Christmas we have had.
no traveling
no hurrying to get to the next celebration
no eating too much.
nope we are staying home
just the three of us...ok four
if you count our dog.
one more thing.
please remember the real reason for this celebration.
the birth of our savior
Jesus Christ.
hope everyone stays safe but have a wonderful
Merry Christmas!!


a small town Christmas celebration

boy, seems like eons ago since my last post! i told you that i had a craft fair.
it was a week and a half ago.
in a small town just north of were we live.
it was a blast!
i love small towns and their celebrations. everyone comes and supports what ever is going on.
here are some pics of my table.

i have another one in a week.
so i am back to my studio...creating.
however i am having a hard time getting started. anyone else get creative blocks?

today, we had quite a snow storm...and by the looks of it, most of the central part of the good 'ole usa did.
the wind is going to pick up tonight to form some great drifts.
i hope everyone stays warm!