trying again

i remember back in college
taking a pottery class.
though i loved the thought of it,
my hands couldn't make what i wanted.
could not get the clay centered on the wheel.
i never did seem to get the whole score and slip thing down.
my pieces would fall apart in the kiln.
i would look at another with envy,
her fairy was so life-like.
seems to me that 'she' could of winked at me
and i wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
her wings so delicate.
her face just on the verge of a smile.
'she' was gorgeous.
the maker humbled.
now years later i am taking an e-course.
one assignment-if we wanted to,
was to make a santos cage doll.
taught by jennifer rizzo
i was thinking 'no way'
don't need to be going down that road again.
but after watching the video...
i had a feeling...thoughts in my head
'go, give it try...what do you have to lose.'
so i did.
the history of santos dolls can be found here
i have learned that though i failed once...doesn't mean
that i shouldn't try again.
it could be fun the second time around.
or the third.
or even the twentieth


debbie h. said...

Alissa, I do love your santos dolls. I just today bought the paperclay at hobby lobby and now just need to find the head and body forms and i will finally be able to attempt mine. your work is just beautiful. i will miss not having everyone to chat with when creatively made's facebook page closes down. i am so thankful to have me such amazing women like yourself. thanks too for your comment on my blog about my word, acceptance. i look forward to reading your blog and learning more about you and your life. hugs and blessings.

Kristi said...

Stopping by for a visit after your kind hello. What a pretty blog and gorgeous Nebraska sky!

It's good to take that second chance. The dolls you've made are so expressive. I can tell they are close to your heart. Lovely!

Cindy said...

Oh my, I have thought about doing paperclay dolls after seeing them on Gritty Jane's blog, but now! The bug has bitten really.really. bad...

Jennifer said...

Your santos doll is beautiful. So glad I found your lovely blog by way of Jennifer at Studio JRU :)