the family ranch

last saturday, we went to the family ranch
to celebrate my grandma's birthday and
to meet some cousins from texas.

this ranch is where my dad was born and raised.
my grandpa was born and raised.
and my great-grandpa as well.

it was where my great-great-grandpa homesteaded,
roughly about 150 years ago.

i would go for a week during the summer
to spend with my grandparents.

it was during hay season.
i didn't help out in the hay fields.
(luckily *grin*)

i remember helping grandma though,
getting watermelon and water
to take to my grandpa, uncles, and cousins
who were lucky enough to help.

my uncles still live there and
raise cattle.
thank for going down memory lane with me.

this is what we are doing today.
staying inside until emma has her softball game tonight.
why are the curtains all closed?
because yesterday the air conditioner
couldn't keep up. it was 5 degrees warmer inside than we had the thermostat set at.
and today?
it is going to be 10 degrees hotter.
yes, it is going to be 103 out.
so all the curtains are closed to try and
help it stay cooler in here.

hope everyone has a great day!

~ curtains to keep out the heat
~ gloves for weeding
~ a watering can
~ a sherbert treat
~ pancakes and eggs for dinner
~ home-made bluebery jelly

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I clicked on over here from Karen's Where Bloggers Create list....let me know when you get your post up and I'll drop back in.....

I must say I loved the old breakfast nook in your last post! wow!

ciao bella
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