painting of the sky

i may be biased.
but i think that central nebraska
has the most beautiful sunsets
and sunrises
that i have ever seen.
moving out in the country
8 years ago was a first for me.
was always a town girl.
loved driving out in the country though.
we were able to buy a farm house
so mr farmer could be closer to his land.
we had been living in town since we were married.
i had bought a house when i moved back after collage.
we thought that living there made more sense than spending
money on rent.
mr farmer was excited to be able to be back to his roots.
i was completely taken with the view.
with no buildings blocking my
front seat view to the paintings in the sky.
sometimes they looked like the land was on fire.
it reminded me of my days in college.
pottery class and glass blowing class.
you have to use fire, or heat to make things beautiful.
and stronger.
lately i have been thinking that these are a reminder from God.
the most beautiful sunsets come after a storm.
so if you are going through a storm or don't think that
you can take much more 'heat',
please know that He is with you...
making you not only stronger
but beautiful.


creatively made

a few weeks ago i signed up for an online art/mixed media class
by jeanne oliver
called creatively made.
this week was the first class,
first set of videos,
(which are very imformative and detailed)
and the first assignment.
i have already met a few people that are from nebraska
or live somewhere else but are originally from nebraska.
i have met people from other countries.
i am so excited to see how God will use this class in
each of our lives.
oohhh and i am excited.
my mom signed up on friday!
will be excited not only to do this class with her,
but to see God move in her life.
in the areas were she is struggling.
this was our first assignment

to make a journal to record our thoughts.
jeanne asks some question each week for us to answer.
this first week was all about finding or rediscovering our gifts
that God has given us.
she showed us several ways to do a journal.
this was another way that i couldn't wait to get my hands on.
taking a catalog...anthropologie
cover what we don't like
keep what we do.
but to use it to write thoughts and dreams
and prayers.
i know you can still sign up until monday.
(use the link above...can't seem to add another link here)
have a great day creating!
ps...is anyone else with blogger having problems hightlighting
to add links?
and it not showing spaces between lines?
my posts look mushed.


two years....almost!
hello to any of my readers
if i have any.
things have finally slowed down.
when things were coming so fast, my blog was the first to go.
plus, i wasn't feeling very creative.
but now i am back.
and feeling inspired.
last month a few friends and i decided to get together every tuesday for a craft day.
every month we will try sometime new.
in december we picked making rag rugs.
out of thrifted sheets.
oh my goodness, how fun!
this is mine.
for my studio.
i have a concrete floor.
my feet get very cold standing on it.
i haven't crocheted since i was 12.
i am much older now. :)
it was a hoot because none of us really knew what we were doing.
but thanks to kyla
we were able to figure it out.
she helped me with the scalloped edge.
my friend jennie has really taken the craft on.
she has made 5 rugs.
started three more.
i think.
i would love to try to make a large one that looks like a doily.
like the one below found on pinterest.
found here
this month we are doing journals.
using the coptic stitch.
we just decorated the cover this week and will stitch the books together next week.
will post photos when we are done.
hope everyone has a creative day!
God bless!