studio progress and a surprise

happy friday everyone!

we have been on spring break here...
and have been enjoying the nice weather.

i have been working on moving my studio
into another room in our house now for about 2 weeks.

i am almost done. 

it has been quite a chore,
but i am loving my own space.

my old studio was located in the added on porch.
where everyone walked in to our home.
it was cold and drafty due to the leaking windows and doors.
we will be fixing that but first i had to move out.

i received this buffet from my mom.
it belonged to my dad's grandparents. 

i loved it but wanted to update it abit.
gave it a couple of coats of paint,
added some yellow ochre glaze,
then added some new knobs from hobby lobby.

i have always loved sunflowers
and sunrises.

this yellow has a wonderful glow to it.
a ray of sunshine, just so bright and warm.

the surprise?
my santos doll 'raine' was featured in the newest issue

i was so shocked and honored!

a great way to start a weekend!

better get back to organizing the last bits of
stuff in my studio.

hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

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a sneak peek friday

today i am joining for the first time 'in the studio' friday sneak peak hosted by
jennifer at studio jru

hello fellow creative, artsy people!

thank you for visiting!

i have been busy making some new angel santos dolls.
this is a new avenue for me.
(you can read about it here)


can't wait to get them finished.

i will have to wait a bit though,
as i am in the process of moving my studio to another room
in our home.
this means a BIG purge.

but i am excited! 
i will be posting pictures of my progress.
i am really looking forward to
having a less cluttered creative space where i can
be inspired,
not frustrated by the stuff laying around that
i don't use.

(this is my current studio...see what i mean!)
very embrassing...

(this is where i am going to move to)

hope everyone has a blessed and creative day!