a new bread recipe

 in my opinion...
there is nothing more homey

than the smell of fresh bread baking.

  i found this recipe on pinterest.

i just changed it by using 1 cup of better for bread flour,
instead of using all whole wheat flour.

the first time i made it...the bread was pretty dense.

and i like my bread a bit more fluffy.
can you have fluffy bread?


this recipe was easy peasy.
and smelled sooo good!
plus wasn't a bad addition to potato soup!

today i am thankful for-
~a wonderful surprise this morning
~my daughter's sense of humor.  she can make me laugh so hard that i have tears running down my checks
~herbs and spices
~laughter with my husband


Inger Sherbeck said...

This post makes me smile! ;)

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

That bread looks awesome! We love homemade bread, my hubby makes ours : )

Thistle Cove Farm said...

your bread looks wonderful and reminds me...I *really* need to bake bread...soon!