being set free

 i'm not sure why i give up on my blog.
maybe it is because i am not a writer.

words are not my strong suit.  it is my weakness.

but for some reason
i always have to come back here.
even if no one reads...
or understands what it is i am trying to say.

the last few months have been hard.
coming face to face with myself.  the ugly side.
the dark inky holes in my heart.
i have some seriously high expectations of myself.  voices and lies of what my life should look like. what kind of person i should be.  how our home should look like.  i have carried heavy burdens around for so long that i forgot what it felt like to be myself.  i didn't like who i had become.

a couple of weeks ago i finally let go of my luggage.  those rocks that had kept me from moving, from changing, from becoming who He had made me to be.
because i couldn't forgive.

i gave those expectations.
those ugly, dark, nothingness to God.

it is amazing.  the kind of lightness that comes from releasing your burdens.
from opening your heart...showing those dark, ugly, inky holes. 
the change that only God can do.
taking those things that we don't like about ourselves
and turning them into something beautiful.
using them to bless ourselves.
and others.

this painting is what came of what i was feeling.
the trusting.  the forgiving.  the life changing.

i am joining at chatting at the sky.
please won't you head over there to see how others are making life 'art' this past month.


today i am thankful for 
~a day to just veg out.
~harvest almost coming to an end
~God's truths
~good friends
~my life 'art'


Jennie Harvey said...

I seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what God is doing in you :)

Trish said...

Love you

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful soul and talented writer. I hope you continue to share your thoughts and your art.
xx Judy

Holly Jane said...

Lovely work Alissa! I know what you mean about writing. I love words, but finding them can be difficult some days. Thank you for sharing your art with us! :)

Sandra said...

Your art is beautiful and your words inspiring! I found you from a comment you made on Jeanne Oliver's fb post, just had to see the art that is your profile picture. Glad I did, your work is so beautiful in such a delicate way. Look forward to reading your blog and seeing your art! All the way from Texas!