the building of a dream

(this will be our view)

after 20 plus years of dreaming.
an planning.
and hoping.
and tearing out magazine pages and pinning
to my heart's content.

it has finally happened.

we are building a home.
you see, my dad is a contractor.
i grew up watching homes, watching dreams being built.
i went to college to study architectural drafting and interior design.
i had hoped that someday i could have my dad build me a home.
mr. farmer joined me in that dream 10 years ago.
after praying for years,
and having our dreams stopped 3 times,
God has said 'now'.

i am not a patient person. 
i wanted it done 10 years ago.
but i believe that everything happens for a reason.
even the timing.
especially the timing.
we may never know why it has taken so long to finally happen.
but i trust God.
trust that He has his hands in this dream.  

the photos are a few of the many i have found on pinterest to inspire our new home.
i am trying to blend all of our tastes.
so it will be a 
rustic, bohemian farmhouse.
think wooden beams, exposed brick, barn doors, galvanized barn lighting and reclaimed lumber.

we will have 17 acres to roam.
to explore.
to discover.
love the beams and exposed brick

book shelves for living roomvia 
 Old schoolvia

 Like the ceiling, stool and worktables.via

so thank you Lord for giving me this dream to begin with.
thank you for saying 'yes'
thank you to my dad and my brother for joining us.
and thank you to mr. farmer's cousin for also joining us.
and also agreeing to our 
(or maybe i should say mine)
particular requests.


Serena said...

congratulations Alissa!! I have seen all of your pins and I can tell your new house will be amazing!!!! Can we host retreats there :)

wishing you all the best and I can't wait to see the progress. How exciting!


alissa said...

Thanks serena! Another dream of mine us to host artist retreats. :) so we shall see!

Shalyse:) said...

That's so wonderful Alissa!!! Im thrilled for you..i cant wait to see it..no doubt it will be beautiful!!!

Trish said...

May God continue to bless you through this process and may He supply you with all of your dreams... xoxoxoxox

Becky Voth said...

So VERY excited for you!!! Can't wait to see your dreams come true!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh how wonderful; I am over the moon happy for you!