a weekend of artsy inspiration~part 1

last weekend, mr farmer and i were able to get-away.
it was for our 12th anniversary.
it ended up being full of artsy inspiration.
we went to sioux falls, south dakota.
it is a family friendly, artsy community, outdoor lover
kinda town.
(just so you know...these pictures are from my phone,
i have lots of photos on my camera....
but my computer is broke.
and for some reason my daughter's computer is not
reading my camera card.
really wish i could show you the beauty of the the town.
the architecture.
the falls.)
sioux falls has what they call.
these are some of my favorites that we saw.

hopefully next week i can show you
part 2.
have a wonderful weekend!

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Jennie said...

Those are just beautiful, Alissa! :)