my studio redo

i really hate to show everyone these pictures, however i am joining the procrastinator's party at the inspired room. so i HAVE to show everyone what i am going to work on. if you are a very organized person, please advert your eyes.

here is my studio...

as you can see it is ...umm....a little messy. i am a little (a lot) embarrassed by this. you see this is the room everyone walks into as soon as they come in the door. it is our back porch (nobody uses the front door).
so as a part of becoming more organized and have a simpler life...aka not as much to clean and put away, i thought this party would be a great way to get in gear.
i am going to purge, hopefully there will be quite a bit that i can get rid of, then i am going to organized the rest. i do want it to be inspiring, not just organized. my big plan is to do this.....without spending money. we are on a very tight budget, so unfortunately we don't have cash to spend on pretties.

this is the color scheme i plan to use. tarnished silver, ironstone, burlap, and sepia tones. thankfully i have loads of paint from old projects and plenty on goodwill finds that i can use to pretty it up. it is hard to see but the wall paint is a soft moss color, so i think that it will work with some of the natural details that i want to use.

the project has to be done in two weeks. i will be showing you little peeks of what i have been doing.
make sure you go check what everyone will be doing. i am sure that there will be some great projects.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your project....you can do it!!! Am anxious to watch the progress.

Tracey said...

I'm just jealous you have such a great space to be creative in...I have a teeny tiny closet I call "my office." Maybe it could use a little organizing :) but I do like the pretty chippy furniture you have! Good luck - I love redos!

:) T

Maureen said...

Love the palate that you intend to use and can't wait to see the redo!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Just checking in...hope it is going well! That is an amazing room and it will be fabulous!!!

One week left!

Jayne said...

What a fascinating room! I'm sure we'd all like to prowl about in your studio! I'll be back to see how much you were able to get done but hope it still looks as interesting as it does in these pics!
jayne at mysongwithin

Anonymous said...

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