a handmade kind of Christmas

 i love christmas.
getting together with family.

baking some of our favorite treats.
and sweets.

singing our favorite carols.
all in celebration of Jesus' birth.

the last two years
our daughter wanted to decorate
in a simple handmade style.

 she wanted every ornament to be made.
by hand.

i have to admit.
i usually go all out.
put almost every.
ornament on the tree.
this year.
i did not.

we went through our boxes
and picked out the things that were made by hand.
(i did sneak a couple of my favorite store bought ornaments on the tree.  i just couldn't help myself)


and i have to say that it is much more meaningful.
to see those things made from love.
hanging on our tree.

and on our 'mantel'

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be sure to go check out all the other lovely 
links to their parties.
there are some wonderful, talented people!


an update on my finished' essence of creation dolls'

my computer is still out.
my daughter's computer still does not like my
camera card.
so i thought that i would show you an
awhile ago i shown you some starts.
of my 'essence of creation dolls'.
you can find it here.
you can find how i started here.
i thought i would show you the finished products.


and glory.
have any of you been able to finish
projects that have sat for awhile?
please share!
what i am thankful for today
~snow, much needed moisture
~putting up the christmas tree with my loved ones
~coffee and toffee creamer
~memories of loved ones
~the golden glow of candles


a weekend of artsy inspiration~part 1

last weekend, mr farmer and i were able to get-away.
it was for our 12th anniversary.
it ended up being full of artsy inspiration.
we went to sioux falls, south dakota.
it is a family friendly, artsy community, outdoor lover
kinda town.
(just so you know...these pictures are from my phone,
i have lots of photos on my camera....
but my computer is broke.
and for some reason my daughter's computer is not
reading my camera card.
really wish i could show you the beauty of the the town.
the architecture.
the falls.)
sioux falls has what they call.
these are some of my favorites that we saw.

hopefully next week i can show you
part 2.
have a wonderful weekend!


behind the curtain

i have heard that there are those who have quiet time with
the Lord
in the wee hours before the sun comes up.
before the rest of their family is up.
with a cup
of coffee.
i have also heard there are those who have quiet time with
the Lord
just waiting to hear His voice on the breeze.
not me.
for some reason
i end up having quiet time with God
in the shower.
i don't plan on it.
it is when i am the most
maybe it is there because
i am totally alone.

or maybe because no one
can hear my heartache
with sound of the water

as the warm hot water is running down my neck
and shoulders,
my heartache is let loose.
it is there that He fills up
the holes.
left by the pain.
and failures.

He fills them with His
and strength.

He reminds me that no one.
not one human.
can do that.
Only Him.
He alone.

have you heard the song
'leave it all behind'
'leave it all behind'
'and come to the well'
or in my case...the shower. :)
oh...one more thing.
that rug.
 up above.
was made by my beautiful friend.
she has a page with all of her
in His loving arms...
have a wonderful day.
what i am thankful for today
~my daughter back in school after 5 days of the flu
~a day spent in my studio
~prayers and encouragement from strangers
~a well worn, warm sweater
~God filling those empty spaces


my art heart

summer is over
and harvest is in.
three weeks ago i started an art journaling class from
junelle jacobsen from yes and amen.
learning to take where we are and seeing the beauty in our mess.
life is not easy.
no it's not.
we all have trials and struggles.
disappointments and pain.
i tend to clam up.
not to share where i am.
to hide from reality.
and from those who truly love me.
i don't want them to see my pain.
my weaknesses.
my sin.
i think that i can get through it alone.
that i alone, must work harder to overcome.
then i read this post from ann voskamp...
she writes...'the word God wastes nothing and He heals
two broken hearts with one story-the reader and the writer.

then this morning i read this post by junelle jacobsen...
she writes...'So, I am moving when God moves. I am under His watch and care. I am held. He knows me, the real me, the silly hideherheadinherpillow me. He knows the groanings of my heart and He loves to wipe the tears from my eyes. He is my first love, my real and lasting love. And I don't have to do this life alone.'

God has been working on me and in me to share.
my story.
not the details, but the struggles,
the pain,
the disappointments.
but also the hope i have in Him.
earlier this year i prayed that my art would be real.
more honest.
full of hope and encouragement.
little did i know that He would give me more struggles.
more pain.
more disappointments.
and keep me there.
to use in my art.
so that through my life, my art would be more alive.

so i want to live more intentionally.
more authentically.
to trust Him.
to give of myself.
to help heal.
not just my heart.
but someone else's heart as well.
not only in real life but here on my blog as well.
i hope you will join me.
not only as i share my journey,
but yours as well.
in His loving name...